Acne Correction Orlando procedures are rather common these days, but not everyone knows the basics of taking care of your skin afterwards. 

Perhaps your procedure was in the morning, and you still have the whole day ahead of you. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself needing to wear makeup but unsure about how safe it is so soon after your procedure.

Here are some makeup best practices to keep in mind after your acne correction procedure:

Best Practices For Makeup Choices After Microneedling

After a microneedling procedure, your skin will likely look red and feel slightly irritated. While your initial reaction may be to try and hide this with makeup, you should refrain from covering your skin with anything for up to 24 hours post treatment.

Best Practices for Makeup After Chemical Peel

After a chemical peel, your doctor will advise you on the proper recovery methods and how long to wait before wearing makeup. Since there are many different types of chemical peels, there isn’t a “one size fits all” formula as to how long you’ll have to wait.

Those who undergo a light chemical peel may be allowed to start wearing makeup within a day or two. Of course, always ask your doctor and never assume this is the case for you. Different people will react differently and if your skin is extra sensitive, your doctor may advise you to let your face heal longer.

With medium or deep chemical peels, you’ll likely be advised to wait several days before wearing makeup. In some cases, your doctor may recommend that you wait up to 10 days before applying your regular makeup.

As your skin heals from a chemical peel treatment, it’s important that your face is kept clean and protected. Makeup tends to be dirty and can cause further irritation to your face as it tries to heal.

While it may not be ideal to wait more than a week before wearing makeup again, your face needs time to recover, and you’ll thank yourself later. 


Acne correction treatments are great for those who struggle with severe acne, but it’s important that you stay patient during the healing process. Just like any other part of your body, your face needs time to heal after such a procedure. Follow your doctor’s instructions, and don’t be tempted to cheat the healing process.