Botox Case Studies

botox case studies

Botox Case Study #1

This patient came in for Botox in her frown, forehead and crow’s feet. She is a 27-year-old Asian American female. She has been getting Botox & Dysport every 4 months for about two years. She does not have deep set lines but does maintain a regular appointment schedule as preventative measures. This patient comes for treatment on her lunch break so there is little to no down time. She leaves with a little redness which subsides in 5-10 mins before she even gets back to the office.

She does switch between Botox and Dysport month to month depending on manufacturer specials and the rewards points she has.

She treats her frown, forehead and crow’s feet with 29 units of Botox/ 88 units of Dysport. Which brings her average price to $348 (without any discounts)

Botox Case Study #2

This patient is 33 years old, works full time and a mother three! These photos were taken right after she had twins and was ready for a mommy make over! She has had both Botox and Dysport in the past. She has also had dermal fillers to enhance her cheeks and lips.

This patient treats her forehead, frown, crow’s feet and jelly roll with a wrinkle relaxer every 4-5 months. The “Jelly Roll” is not a common area that many people know can be treated with a wrinkle relaxer. This before and after is a great example of how just a few units of Botox can make a huge difference.

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