Botox Myths

Common Botox® Myths

Modern lifestyle and experienced professionals have made Botox increasingly popular for people of all ages. But, even with all its fame, the circulating myths are still hindering its progress and make people have doubts about the benefits of Botox. To separate fictions from facts, here are the top 6 Botox myths debunked.

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Myth 1: Botox is only for improving facial appearance

Fact: while Botox is useful for giving you a youthful look; its benefits far exceed those of cosmetic purposes. When injected into the neck and head muscles, Botox reduces the adverse effects of migraines or prevent it from re-occurring frequently. For those with bladder control problems, Botox injections can help give urinary consistency. Other conditions treated by Botox include excessive underarm sweating, cervical dystonia, crooked eyes, involuntary contraction of arm muscles and eyelid muscle spasm.

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Myth 2: Botox is painful and has negative side effects

Fact: Botox is painless, and at our company, we ensure that the injection procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Botox is an FDA approved medication that relaxes the muscles without causing damage or paralysis whatsoever. It contains natural protein made from bacteria; no wonder its usage is more widespread. However, just like any other medication, when improperly administered it can cause negative effects. As a licensed and the top-rated Botox injection specialists, we ensure that this drug provides practical benefits.

Myth 3: Botox gives a plastic face

Fact: Botox relaxes face muscles that cause wrinkles without affecting the natural facial expression. With multiple treatments, Botox even works in smoothing deep forehead lines. Therefore, Botox injection helps the face to display the various expressions clearly including smiling, frowning, surprise by eliminating distractions such as wrinkles and heavy lines.

Myth 4: People who have undergone plastic surgery don’t need Botox

Fact: Cosmetic surgery such as a facelift works to tighten deep tissues, lift skin and remove any sagging skin. Botox is ideal for people who need relax their muscles and in time smoothen out any wrinkles or lines on the face even after plastic surgery.

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Myth 5: Botox is the same as Dysport

Fact: while both are cosmetic wrinkle relaxers that function as neuromuscular blocking toxins they are different. Dysport has smaller molecules that enable it to work faster and spread in a large surface area. Therefore, it’s more efficient in treating a large area as compared to Botox that is useful in small target areas. Botox has more protein load and is less diluted than Dysport.

Because Dysport requires more dilution, it can confuse clinicians who are not experienced with this treatment. And that is why Aesthetic Lane is the best. We have extensive experience in giving Botox or Dysport injection. Therefore, are in a better position to help our patients make an informed decision about the type of wrinkle relaxer that fits their needs.

Myth 6: People with active lifestyle need more Botox

Fact: An active lifestyle does not determine the amount or number of Botox injections to get. Instead, gender, age, the body area that needs treatment and strength of muscles can help determine the number of units a client needs. The full Botox treatment is not the same for every patient, and only the recommended dose will give the results desired.

To get more information, feel free to call us and book an appointment. After all, people who are getting Botox for the first time need the right amount; and only a professional specializing in injectables can determine the required treatment. We give the right amount of Botox without over treating the area to ensure a client is happy with the outcome.