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Where is Botox® Most Effective?

As a person ages, lines and wrinkles appear, giving the appearance of a frowning or unhappy face. Usually, the first sign of aging can be the crows feet which are small wrinkles at the corner of the eyes. Cosmetic companies have offered products that worked, but only temporarily. The use of Botox was once considered taboo, but it has gained popularity in recent years because it has been proven to be the acceptable alternative. It has been most effective when administered by a certified, professional injector. The problem areas that normally need Botox injections are all highly sensitive areas that should be attended to by a skilled, medically qualified injector. There are many areas of the body where Botox has been used successfully, but there are three in particular that would improve the overall appearance of the face.

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Crow’s Feet

When a patient uses certain facial muscles over a period of time, they cause fine lines and wrinkles. Aesthetic Lane has found, and proven, that Botox is very effective when used on the eyes for those annoying crow’s feet. Botox smoothes out the wrinkles, giving a more youthful appearance. The face seems to get brighter without looking fake. Your smile even looks broader. By thinking smart, and taking advantage of services offered by a professional injector, Botox is a safe and effective choice to help diminish the signs of aging.

Between The Eyebrows

Another sensitive area where Botox can be beneficial is between the eyebrows. This is the area where those two vertical lines are formed from excess frowning, and sometimes laughing. These lines are made by the activity of the corrugator muscles in the forehead. When a person squints, these muscles contract and relax. They are called frown lines by the majority of people. These lines make you look angry most of the time. We have a high percent rate of success with injections to this area. The lines are smoothed out, and patients do not have that stone faced look.

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Forehead Lines

Many patients come to us with deep horizontal lines in the forehead. These lines also make a person look as though they are angry because of the excess fat and skin in the forehead. After Botox is injected, the lines are gone, and the patient has a natural look. The forehead will not have that hard, artificial look. Botox is a safe, effective way to reduce all of those fine lines and wrinkles.

We are the specialists with years of combined experience administering Botox. This is the best non surgical way to enhance the appearance by getting rid of wrinkles. When the procedure is performed the injection specialist, along with an assistant, can guarantee satisfaction, and professional service. Botox is effective, and has a great success rate when it is done by a professionally certified injection specialist in a medical facility.

At Aesthetic Lane, we offer expertise in our business, courteous service, and a myriad of other services and procedures. A Botox injection is a procedure of choice for a growing number of people due to its safety and effectiveness. If you are interested in getting Botox, contact someone from our team today!