No matter how we try to delay it, age catches up to all of us. You may suddenly notice a few more crow’s feet by your eyes, and unfortunately, creams may not work with pronounced crow’s feet. This is where Botox/Dysport comes into the picture. 

Before you schedule a session with your Orlando Botox provider, keep reading to understand how you can get rid of your crow’s feet with Botox/Dysport.

How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet Using Botox/Dysport

Type of Wrinkles

In general, crow’s feet tend to appear before other wrinkles because of how delicate the skin around our eyes is, and how frequently we use the associated muscles when we smile, squint or laugh. Once they appear, they often deepen over time.

Botox/Dysport works best if you have dynamic wrinkles, meaning wrinkles that are more prominent when you make an expression. If your crow’s feet are static, meaning that they can be seen even when you’re not changing your facial expression, you may need multiple treatments with Botox/Dysport for the static wrinkles to improve. 

How Botox/Dysport Works

A small amount of the substance is injected directly into your muscle. As your muscles relax, the skin above them becomes smoother, thereby reducing wrinkles. Botox/Dysport works on crow’s feet similarly to how it works on other wrinkles and fine lines. 

Every procedure must be customized for each patient, but generally, fewer units of Botox/Dysport are required for smaller treatment areas or if your crow’s feet are not as deep or severe. 

It’s important to understand that Botox/Dysport will not last forever. You’ll likely need to come back in three to four months after your original appointment for repeat injections that will reduce the appearance of your crow’s feet.

That being said, this treatment will only take around 15 minutes for each appointment. In fact, you can even get this treatment done over your lunch break and go back to work immediately. 


Botox/Dysport can indeed make a significant difference to crow’s feet. Overall, you should notice that the skin around your eyes looks more rejuvenated and smoother, even when you smile. Expect to see a difference after a couple of days. After a fortnight, you’ll be able to see the full effects more clearly.

Unlike common myths surrounding Botox/Dysport, it will not stop you from being able to make facial expressions. All it does is stop the contraction of the muscle to stop active wrinkling. Professionally trained and qualified experts know how to administer Botox/Dysport injections in a way that helps you achieve a natural result, so it’s vital to choose the right professionals to work with.

Potential Side Effects

Botox/Dysport is a great option because it is very effective, and has very little recovery time. You may still experience some side effects, though, but you’ll be glad to know that most side effects are not very serious. Mostly, you might notice redness and swelling around your eyes. Any minor side effects should fade within 48 hours.

Should You Get Botox/Dysport?

Ultimately, it depends on you and your skin. The best thing to do is to attend a consultation with our experts, where we’ll assess your skin and customize the treatment for your specific needs.


Botox/Dysport is a non-invasive procedure, with few side effects and low risk that will give your skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. Speak to us today about achieving a more revitalized and bright-eyed look with Botox/Dysport. With our effective treatments, you don’t have to let your crow’s feet bother you any longer.