No matter what cosmetic treatment you get, it’s crucial to know what to expect and how long it will last. Knowing the expected timeline can help you stay on top of your treatment plan so that you don’t one day realize that all of your results have gradually disappeared.

Lip filler is a very common cosmetic treatment, but you likely have a few questions if this is your first time. One of these questions is, undoubtedly, how long will the treatment last?

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General Expected Timeline

Everyone metabolizes filler differently, which means there is not an exact answer to how long your lip fillers will last. Each treatment will last for a different amount of time, so let’s take a quick glance at the expected length of time for each.


If you choose to get lip injections, then it’s likely that you receive either Juvederm or Restylane. These injections are designed to lift your skin without a surgical procedure. The appointment itself lasts about half an hour, and in most cases, you can enjoy the results for six months without a follow-up appointment.

Injections may last up to a year without necessary follow-up appointments, but you will usually notice them start to fade around six months. 

How Can I Make My Lip Fillers Last Longer?

There’s no real way to ensure your lip fillers last longer because it’s based around your body’s natural metabolism. Most patients come back 5-12 months to maintain fullness. Younger patients tend to burn calories faster, so lip fillers don’t last as long.

What if I Want My Lip Fillers to Disappear Faster?

If you decide you don’t like the look of your lip fillers and would like for them dissolved you do have options. Hyaluronic acid fillers can easily be reversed by injecting a naturally occurring enzyme called hyaluronidases, which breaks down the filler.

Will My Lips Be Stretched Out After My Fillers Fade?

This is a common concern patients have before any type of lip filler treatment. Fortunately, the answer is no.

As your lip filler fades, your lips will return to their normal shape and appearance. Since the process takes several weeks and months, your lips have time to adjust, and as such, you won’t notice them looking saggy or stretched. Instead, they’ll simply return to the way they looked before.


If you’re thinking about getting a lip filler treatment, don’t be afraid to ask us. We’ll be able to answer your questions and guide you towards the right method of treatment so that you can achieve the plump lips you want.