What do you think is the main factor in ageing skin:
A. Smoking
B. Unhealthy diet
C. Sun exposure
D. Drinking

While all these are active factors in prematurely aging our skin, sun exposure by UV rays poses the greatest threat.
When we were younger tan lines and being a bronzed goddess were all the rage. No one told us that years from now we would be looking back kicking ourselves in the butt for not wearing a hat and reapplying the SPF. Instead we were lying out for hours, applying baby oil instead of sunscreen!
Now that the damage is done, I am here to tell you what you can do to turn back the clock!

Medical Grade Sunscreen:
Medical eltamdgrade products contain ingredients that ONLY medical licensed professionals can purchase. (Use CAUTION when buying anything medical grade on the internet!!) These products are developed and put through multiple clinical trials. They contain higher amounts of active ingredients that you cannot find in over-the-counter products. These active ingredients are what is going to make a difference in your skin and protect you from those harmful UV rays.

Schedule regular chemical peels:
A chemical peel can make a rapid difference in the skin, and strip away years of sun-damage in just a few days. Peels remove the top layer of skin reducing wrinkles, tackling uneven skin tone, pigmentation and brown spots. It also evens out its texture. Chemical peels are designed to give your skin a “do-over,” if you will, by literally encouraging your body to purge the dead, damaged, aged skin cells from your face’s surface.

Use Retinol Nightly:
Rretinoletinol should be in everyone’s nightly routine. Not only is it anti-aging but it also helps the tone, texture and appearance of the fine lines. Retinol contains Vitamin A which is the industries gold standard anti-a
ging ingredient because it is proven to stimulate and produce collagen in your skin, something necessary to reverse the damage we’ve already done. Retinoids work by prompting surface skin cells to turn over rapidly, making way for new cell growth underneath. Retinoids help the process of sloughing off the top dead layers of skin revealing new and improved skin.
If you are ready to get serious about your skin start by following these three steps, they will make all the difference!

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