If you’re in a routine, it might seem like a pain to reschedule, especially if you have your gym days planned out in advance. If you do still want to keep up with your exercise, that’s fine, but it needs to be gentle. Do not do any exercises that will make you sweat or raise your heartbeat.

Why not?

Aside from giving yourself a reason to skip gym day, there are plenty of legit reasons to avoid working out after you get Orlando Botox.

First of all, Botox needs time to ‘settle’ in the injection areas. When you increase your heart rate, you also increase your circulation. Typically, this is a good thing, but it could also make it difficult for Botox to take effect.

Of course, when you raise your heart rate, you’re also bound to sweat. Like anyone else, your instinct is to wipe it away. You should take care not to irritate the injection sites. Unfortunately, when you’re working out, you’re also fairly likely to wipe away sweat on your face without thinking. Because of increased circulation, and the high chance of irritating the treated areas, it’s best to avoid a strenuous workout after Botox.

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