Botox injections are known for having virtually zero recovery time associated with them. However, you still need to abide by a few small rules: wait a day to workout, don’t irritate the area, and stay upright for at least four hours.

Of course, there are a lot of things that aren’t mentioned in the aftercare pamphlets. Whether or not you can fly in an airplane after getting Botox is one of them.

So, can you fly after getting Botox, or do you need to wait?

The good news is that flying won’t affect your Botox treatments, no matter how little time until you get on the plane. The fact is, Botox doesn’t take a long time to settle in the facial nerves. For the most part, the Botox is settling into the injection sites within just around ten minutes (although you should still stay upright for four hours).

As long as you abide by the other post-Botox recommendations, it’s completely fine to fly after getting Botox. Remember, while Botox absorbs quickly, you still need to wait a week or more to see the full effects, it has nothing to do with altitude.

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