Botox For Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Do people say you look tired? Or say you’re scowling at them when you’re not? Then, it might be that time for a brow lift. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to get surgery. Botox could be all you need to smooth out your brows. Here at Aesthetic Lane, we understand you want to look as youthful and vibrant as you feel on the inside. However, you still want to look like you. That is why Botox may be the best answer for you to reduce those annoying forehead wrinkles and sagging eyebrows.

Why Botox For Brow Lift?

When you’re young, the wrinkles you get when you smile, frown, or squint go away when your face relaxes. Over time, age, exposure to the sun, and genetics conspire against you. Your skin loses elasticity. Furthermore, repeating those same expressions make dynamic wrinkles deeper so that they disappear when your face relaxes.

When injected in tiny amounts, diluted botulinum toxin reduces muscle movement. Botox treatments can reduce and may even eliminate the wrinkling you see now. They can also help prevent the formation of new or deeper wrinkles. At Aesthetic Lane, our Botox treatments are fast, and the procedure is far less expensive than receiving surgery. However, Botox results are temporary. To maintain your newly smoothed face and prevent new wrinkles from forming; it’s recommended to get refresher treatments every few months.

Botox Does Not Actually ‘Lift”

If you were to choose surgery, an incision is made, the skin is pulled upward, and excess skin and fatty deposits are removed. The result is smoother skin and eliminates the “hooded” look to your eyes. Botox works in an entirely different way; due to the fact it addresses the muscles that move your skin. There are five muscles in your face that work together to create expressions such as frowning or scowling. Most of them pull your forehead and eyebrows downward and inward, not up. Therefore, rather than lifting your skin, Botox relaxes the muscles to prevent them from pulling your brow downward. As with surgery, the effect is a smoother brow and more youthful look to your eyes.

With that said, people may still feel like surgery is the best option if they have severe wrinkles or sagging eyebrows. However, for the majority of patients, Botox can give your brow a dramatically uplifted appearance. Also, Botox may potentially be able to be injected into the muscles where you have crow’s feet forming. This could lift the tails (outer tips) of your brow line. If you have horizontal forehead wrinkles or glabellar wrinkles (little parallel lines between your eyebrows), this may be an option for you.

Talk with Aesthetic Lane About Non-Surgical Brow Lifts With Botox

Do you think Botox is the solution for your appearance? Then call Aesthetic Lane today to schedule a consultation and hear about the changes you would like to make. From there, we will recommend a treatment plan to achieve a more open, relaxed brow line for you. In the eyes of Aesthetic Lane, you’re not tired or crabby, you’re happy, and we want to make sure everyone else can see how happy you’re as well.

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