Incredible Benefits of Microneedling to Your Skin

Microneedling is a process of invoking the healing response on the membrane by causing microtrauma. The procedure uses a pen with a small head containing more than ten needles. The pen vibrates at high speed and a specific depth so that it can pierce the membrane of your skin a thousand times within a few seconds. The controlled piercings that the needles make on your skin penetrate into your epidermis and the upper layers of the dermis with the aim of stimulating a healing response in your skin. The reaction causes an increased elastin formation and collagen formation.

Microneedling has an array of benefits that you can take advantage of to enhance your health. The best part is that the procedure does not have side effects and you can quickly notice the beautiful results within a short time. Each micro-injury caused by the needles creates a channel that prompts your body to produce elastin and collagen to fill the small wound.

Enhancing the quality and texture of your skin

We will carry out the microneedling process for about 30 minutes so that we get the best results. However, you will notice some pinpoint bleeding on your skin after the procedure. Additionally, you will realize an improvement in the quality and texture of your skin regardless of the slight redness and pinpoint bleeding that takes place after we have carried out the procedure.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

The leading cause of facial wrinkles, thinning, and sagging skin is a loss of collagen and elastin. The microneedling service we offer triggers the production of natural collagen and elastin that are crucial in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. We guarantee you a younger skin without downtime.

Reduces stretch marks

If you have ever experienced stretch marks, you will agree with us that they are difficult to treat. Also, few cosmetic procedures are available for decreasomg the appearance of stretch marks. Fortunately, microneedling is a perfect procedure for improving their appearance. We combine this procedure with other treatments, such as laser and Fraxel treatments.

Improve scars

Most people who have undergone surgery or accident understand better than anyone else the impacts of injuries on their bodies. Microneedling is a proven and excellent way of diminishing the appearance of acne and surgery scars. We break down old tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin for healthier.


Hyperpigmentation is prompted by unusual melanin production by abnormal melanocyte. It usually affects people with a darker complexion. Also, prolonged exposure to the sun, acne, and wounds stimulate this condition. If you have the condition, you can try out our microneedling services, which reduce hyperpigmentation by getting rid of your skin’s top layer and produce normal melanocyte. Microneedling also increases the concentration of active ingredients and boosts absorption of the components from the products you use for skin lightening. Consequently, it enhances the efficiency of the products to speed up the results. Besides, microneedling unlike other harsh treatments like laser and chemical peel is safe for most people including those with darker skin tones because it does not cause skin pigment loss.

Reduces blackheads

Some women have enjoyed this benefit of micro needling; more so, those suffering from LOTS blackheads as a result of hormonal acne or PCOS. The thousands of needle pokes, and controlled trauma usually liberates and get rid of blackheads. After we have completed the procedure, you will realize a reduction of the blackheads on your face, especially on the nose. You need to call us today to enjoy these micro needling benefits.

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