Are all microneedling pens the same?

Everybody wants in on the newest skin care treatments, and it’s the same with microneedling. Rather than plan for a complicated procedure, many people are starting to try microneedling. Basically, the pen used for the treatment has several small needles which are pressed to the skin. The small pin pricks stimulate the skin’s natural rejuvenative processes. The end result is firmer skin, with better tone and increased collagen.

If you’re not familiar with the practice, it’d be easy to assume one microneedling pen is just like any other. However, there are key differences to look for. These factors make each pen a little different than the others.

Look at the number of micro channels

Microneedling pens allow for different amounts of micro channels each second. Typically, they start on the lower end at 800 per second, although some can reach 1,200 per second or more. The higher the amount of micro channels the pen creates per second, the higher efficiency the pen is.

Ease of use

When you want to buy a microneedling pen to use at home, the easier it is, the better. Choosing a complicated pen can cause problems when you’re not sure how to use it properly. It’s okay to choose a microneedling pen with different speed settings, height adjustments, or even different power source options.

Just make sure it’s straightforward enough that you can comfortably use it. On that same subject, it’s best to look for pens that are easy to hold and are not too big. Make sure the microneedling pen has controls within easy reach.

Check for speed

Microneedling pens come with a variety of different speeds. Some pens operate on one speed only. Others may have up to six various adjustable speeds. Depending on where you plan on using the pen, there’s an optimal speed to use. Pens that have different speeds are more useful to apply in different areas, although some speeds may be too intense for sensitive areas. Always look at the directions to make sure you’re using it properly. For home use, it’s best to choose a middle level pen speed.

The needles

Needles may come in different sizes, although many are 32 gauge (very fine) or close to it. If you can adjust the needle height, you’ll be able to treat different skin conditions more effectively.

Another thing to look at is whether the needles are listed as surgical or medical grade, and whether they come already sterilized. If you have the choice, surgical grade needles are always best, although medical grade needles are effective enough to use at home too.


When it comes down to it, microneedling pens are in a wider category than you’d think. With all the little differences, it can add up to rather large differences from one pen to another. Consider the applications you have in mind, and make sure the pen is something you can safely, and easily operate. As always, make sure you read all the instructions so you can effectively, and properly use it.

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